Ondo Saber Action Plan


REPORTING PERIOD:   January 2023 to December 2023

STATE SABER CHAIRMAN:   Hon Wale Akinterinwa

SABER FOCAL PERSON:   Dr. Adeola Richard Alonge

LIST OF CONTRIBUTING ENTITIES:   Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning & Budget, ONDIPA, PPIMU, ODIRS, SITA, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Energy and Mineral Resources, Agriculture and Forestry, Lands and Housing

DATE OF STATE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL APPROVAL:   Wednesday, 25th January, 2023.




Improved Firm Access to Reliable Electricity

(i) To develop a framework to identify existing up-grid demand clusters

(ii) To create a platform for customer’s complaint and submission

(i) Conduct stakeholders’ engagement and allocation process.

Capacity building for members of the SABER technical committee and officials of the responsible and contributing MDAs

(ii) Carryout site processing with the service providers to enables proper investigation and site layout.

(iii) Execute Memorandum of Understanding stating the regulatory procedures, parameters and billing

(iv)  To create a complaint desk within the Ministry of Energy.

Our target is to strengthening the existing mini-grid power supply to areas not covered by the national grid so as to achieve at least 50% coverage by the end of 2023.



To resolve at least 100 complaints on issues relating to electricity.


-MSMEs operators

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

(i) Ondo State Electricity Board (OSEB)

(ii) Ondo State Electricity Regulatory Bureau (OSERB)

(iii) Ondo State Power Company (OSPC)

(iv) Office of Public Utility (OPU) 




16th Feb., 2023

7th Mar., 2023

5th Apr., 2023

8th May, 2023

1st Feb, 2023

30th Mar., 2023

21st Mar., 2023

30th Nov., 2023

27th Oct., 2023

20th Dec, 2023


Increase Fibre Optic Network Deployment Access to Broadband 

(i) To increase internet broadband penetration and explore the potential internet usage.

(i) Carryout constant and effective monitoring with Odua Infraco Resources Limited for proper installation of fiber optics


(ii) Draw up competitive right of way investment framework for potentials broadband off-takers.  

(i) Ensure that the state’s infrastructure growth is sustained and inclusive

(ii) Protection of prospective local and foreign investors

(iii) To maintain the N145 per linear meter fee charged for broadband deployment

* Government institutions and parastatals


* The organized private sectors


* Technology Hubs and investors

Ondo State Information Technology Agency (SITA)

* Ministry of Infrastructure, Lands and Housing


* Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development


* Performance and Project Implementation Monitory Unit (PPIMU) 


3rd Jan., 2023

8th Feb., 2023 

31st Dec., 2023

9th Oct., 2023


Increase Transparency of official fees and procedures 

(i) To be transparent and make public all fees, service delivery timeline and cost of all key business enabling environment state level MDAs.

(ii). To create a one stop for Information sharing, grievances and redress mechanism within ODIRS on fees related issues.

(i) Review the Ondo State Revenue Administration Law of 2018 to accommodate new fees and rates where and if necessary

(ii) Ensure that the Revenue Administration Law which contains all approved rates and fees is published and maintained on the Ondo State Government website as well as the website of the Ondo State Internal Revenue Services and key business enabling MDAs.

(iii) Publish the procedures and timeline for service delivery for 5 key business enabling MDAs (Business Premises Permit by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, EIA by Ministry of Environment, Signage permit by Ondo State Signage Agency, Vehicle Inspection Certificate by Ministry of Transport and Survey Plan by Ministry of Lands.

(iv) Continue with public awareness program on TV, Radio and other new media on the available electronic platform for payment of all government revenue.

(i) To ensure that the citizenry and public are aware of all government taxes and rate

(ii) To ensure that all complaints are resolved within 72 hours; and where the complaint cannot be resolved within the 72 hours, the complainant must be notified of the efforts made to resolve the complaints.

(iii) To blocked loopholes for diversion of government revenue.

-The citizenry

-Business owners

Ondo State Internal Revenue Services

* Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperative Services


* Ministry of Environment


* Ministry of Transport


* Ondo State Signage and Advertisement Agency


* Ministry of Lands


*Ministry of Finance


*Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget  


10th Jan., 2023

6th March, 2023

31st Dec, 2022

3rd Jan, 2023

31st June., 2023

6th April, 2023

31st Dec, 2023

31st Dec, 2023


Increased Sustainable Large-scale Investment and Development of an Effective PPP Framework for the State

(i) To attract investment into Ondo State and Promote after care services for the sustainability of existing investment / industries in the State

(ii) To have a transparent and effective Public Private Partnership engagement process and procedures for efficient private sector collaboration   

(i) Development and Publication of Ondo State Industrial guide and Ondo State Investment guide and other investment promotion fliers

(ii) Develop a Strategic framework to drive investment in the State


(ii) Organize at least four (4) investment summit in year 2023 i.e (2 in Nigeria and 2 International)


- Lagos Summit

- Abuja Summit



- UK Summit

- US Summit

(iii) Carry out study tour to

Kaduna, Lagos and Edo State

(iv) Engage the Legal drafting Department of Ministry of Justice to draft the PPP framework/Law

(v) Capacity building for members of the SABER technical committee and officials of the responsible and contributing MDAs

(vi) Conduct Public hearing on the PPP Bill

(vii) Liaise with the House of Assembly to ensure the passage of the bill. 


* To establish at least for (4) large scale industries in the State by the end of year 2023.

* To showcase the investment potential of the state to the outside world with a view to industrializes the State.

* To understand how Lagos, Kaduna and Edo State implement and execute their PPP framework. 

* The State government

* The Private sector

Ondo State Development and Investment Promotion Agency (ONDIPA)

*Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives


* Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Units (PPIMU)


*Ministry of Finance


*Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget.














16th Feb., 2023

4th Jan, 2023

Lagos Summit 15th June, 2023

Abuja Summit 29th June, 2023

UK Summit 20th Sept., 2023

US Summit 24th May, 2023

10th April,2023

13th March, 2023

15th July, 2023  

20th Sept., 2023

26th Sept., 2023

2nd March, 2023

25th Jan, 2023

16th June, 2023

30th June, 2023


22nd Sept., 2023

26th May 2023

17th April, 2023

10th Oct., 2023

14th Sept., 2023

22nd Sept., 2023

5th Dec., 2023


Development of Transparent Land Titling and Registration System in Ondo State 

(i) To achieve a fast and transparent open process in land titling and registration

(i) Conduct awareness and enlightenment campaign on the ease of access to land titling and Registration

(ii) Meeting with stakeholders on Land management

(iii) Follow up on the on-going Home Ownership Chartered of Ondo State Scheme (HOCOS)    

(i) Land titling and Registration to be achieved within 60 days

(ii) To maintain and sustain the process of land titling from manual to digital system


-Land owner


Ministry of Land and Housing

Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development

-Office of the surveyor General

-Ondo State Internal Revenue Services





22nd Feb., 2023

6th May, 2023

5th June, 2022

15th Dec., 2023

7th May, 2023

31st Dec., 2023


Increase Trans-border Trade between Neighbouring States particularly Agric Product

To regulate and promote trans-border trades between Ondo State and Boarder States

* Compile list of Agro commodities / forestry products on a trusted online marketplace and standard levies for the products;

* Establishment of toll line and State taskforce to monitor and enforce compliance

* Study tour to Oyo, Kwara and Ebonyi  States to under-study their trans-border policy on Agro-logistic movements and border trades.    

* Increase in volume of Agro-commodities / forestry products/trades in the State by 25%

* To remove illegal levies collectors on the borderlines in the State in respect of Agro products

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry



State Security Network (Amotekun)


Office of the Surveyor General


*Ministry of Finance


*Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget









6th Feb., 2023

7th May, 2023

12th June,2023

4th Aug., 2023

21st May, 2023

19th June 2023


Quick Determination of Commercial Dispute 

To establish a Special Court (e.g. Small Claims Court) for Commercial dispute of Micro and Small Enterprises

Constitute a five-man technical committee for the establishment of the Small Claim Courts.

- Conduct training for Magistrates and Registrars for the scheme

- Conduct awareness campaign to sensitize the public on the existence of the Small Claim Court.

- Employment of more Adjudicators such as Magistrates.   

To ensure quick settlement of dispute and judgement delivered within 60 days

To established at least (2) Small Claim Court in the State in year 2023

To maintain speedy and accelerated hearing  

Medium and Small Scale Industrialist

Ondo State Judiciary

Ministry of Justice


Ministry of Finance


Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget





13th Feb., 2023

10th April, 2023

4th May,, 2023

7th Aug., 2023

15th Feb., 2022

17th April, 2023

10th Dec., 2023

6th Sept., 2023

The Chairman,
Ondo State Business Enabling Reform Action Plan (ODBERAP)
30th January 2023

Published: 1 P.M, 30th January, 2023