Ondo Saber Action Plan


REPORTING PERIOD:   January 2024 to December 2024

STATE SABER CHAIRMAN:   Hon Wale Akinterinwa

SABER FOCAL PERSON:   Dr. Adeola Richard Alonge

LIST OF CONTRIBUTING ENTITIES:   Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning & Budget, ONDIPA, PPIMU, ODIRS, SITA, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Energy and Mineral Resources, Agriculture and Forestry, Lands and Housing

DATE OF STATE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL APPROVAL:   Wednesday, 20th December, 2023.
















Improved efficiency in property registration and sustainability of the land-based investment process

 To achieve a fast and transparent open process in land titling and registration



























(i) Utilize block chain technology to ensure the security and transparency of property records.

(ii) Establish a centralized and standardized database for property information accessible to all relevant government agencies

(iii) Launch public awareness campaigns to educate citizens on the benefits of digital property registration

(iv) Review and update property laws and regulations to align with the digital transformation and promote sustainable land use.

(v)Conduct regular audits of the property registration system to identify and address any issues promptly.


Our target is to reduce the time taken to complete property registration processes from the present 60 days to 40 days and implement mechanisms for expedited processing of documents, especially for time-sensitive transactions.







Property owners


Ministry of Land, Housing and infrastructure

Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development

Office of the surveyor General

Ondo State Internal Revenue Services

Nigerian Institute of Surveyors (NIS)

Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors & Valuers (NIESV)

Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP)











10th Feb., 2024





15th March, 2024



2nd May, 2024




10th May, 2024





15th Aug, 2024

20thJuly, 2024






30stAug, 2024




30thJuly., 2024





9th Oct., 2024






15th Dec, 2024























Improved regulatory framework for private investment in Fiber Optic infrastructure

 To increase internet broadband penetration and explore the potential internet usage.



(i) Conduct a comprehensive review of existing regulations related to fiber optic infrastructure investment.

(ii)Implement open access policies to encourage competition and allow multiple service providers to share the same fiber optic infrastructure.

(iii) Develop model agreements that streamline the process of forming partnerships and address risk-sharing mechanisms.



(i) Ensure that the state’s infrastructure growth is sustained and inclusive

(ii) Protection of prospective local and foreign investors

(iii) To maintain the N145 per linear meter fee charged for broadband deployment

* Government institutions and parastatals

* The organized private sectors

* Technology Hubs and investors

Ondo State Information Technology Agency (SITA)

* Ministry of Infrastructure, Lands and Housing

* Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development

*Performance and Project Implementation Monitory Unit (PPIMU)

*Ondo State Ministry of Justice

ODUA Infraco

Technology operators in the State

8th Feb., 2024





16thApril., 2024





25th July, 2024

30thNov., 2024





20th Oct., 2024






10th Dec. 2024























































































































































Development of an Effective PPP Framework



















Improved Investment Promotion Environment




















Increase Transparency of official fees and procedures








































Increase Transparency of fees and levies for inter State trade and increased exporters certification.
















Simplified State and Local Tax regime




















Quick Determination of Commercial Dispute 

To attract investment into Ondo State and Promote after care services for the sustainability of existing investment / industries in the State


(ii)To have a transparent and effective Public Private Partnership engagement process and procedures for efficient private sector collaboration 







To create conditions that attract and retain investments in Ondo State


















(i) To be transparent and make public all fees, service delivery timeline and cost of all key business enabling environment state level MDAs.

(ii). To create a one stop for Information sharing, grievances and redress mechanism within ODIRS on fees related issues.




























To regulate and promote interstate trades between Ondo State and other neigbouring State


(ii) To boost trade efficiency and promote economic growth.












To reduce compliance burdens and attracting Investment























To establish a Special Court (e.g. Small Claims Court) for Commercial dispute of Micro and Small Enterprises.



















(i) Assess and update existing laws and regulations related to PPPs to ensure they are clear, comprehensive, and conducive to private investment.


(ii) Develop a project pipelineand establish a transparent process for identifying and prioritizing projects suitable for PPPs.

(iii) Develop standardized templates for PPP contracts to streamline the negotiation process



Conduct a comprehensive review of existing regulations and streamline bureaucratic processes to reduce red tape

(ii) Develop strategy to enhance transparency in regulatory procedures and decision-making to build trust with investors.

(iii) Strengthen legal frameworks to protect the rights of investors and ensure fair dispute resolution mechanisms.

(iv) Develop programs to assist investors with market research, business planning, and regulatory requirements.

(i) Review the Ondo State Revenue Administration Law of 2018 to accommodate new fees and rates where and if necessary

(ii) Ensure that the Revenue Administration Law which contains all approved rates and fees is published and maintained on the Ondo State Government website as well as the website of the Ondo State Internal Revenue Services and key business enabling MDAs.

(iii) Publish the procedures and timeline for service delivery for 5 key business enabling MDAs (Business Premises Permit by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, EIA by Ministry of Environment, Signage permit by Ondo State Signage Agency, Vehicle Inspection Certificate by Ministry of Transport and Survey Plan by Ministry of Lands.

(iv) Continue with public awareness program on TV, Radio and other new media on the available electronic platform for payment of all government revenue.




(i) Develop a dedicated, user-friendly, accessible, and regularly updated online portal providing detailed information on fees and levies applicable to inter-state trade.

(ii) Establish a centralized certification system for exporters that streamlines the application and approval process.

(iii) Develop programs to assist exporters with the certification process, including guidance on documentation and compliance




Conduct a comprehensive review of existing state and local business tax laws and regulations.

(ii) Consolidate various tax codes and regulations into a single, comprehensive tax code

(iii) Commence the process of passing a new law to adopt Presumptive Turnover Tax Regime for MSME.










(i) Constitute a five-man technical committee for the establishment of the Small Claim Courts.

(ii)  Conduct training for Magistrates and Registrars for the scheme

(iii) Conduct awareness campaign to sensitize the public on the existence of the Small Claim Court.

(iv) Employment of more Adjudicators such as Magistrates.   


The key target is to foster a transparent and robust regulatory environment. This includes clear legal frameworks, risk sharing mechanisms, and efficient dispute resolution mechanisms to attract private sector investment and ensure sustainable collaboration between public and private entities













To attracts domestic and foreign investment which would lead to increased capital inflows. This, in turn would stimulates economic growth by fostering business expansion, job creation, and increased productivity.















To ensure that the citizenry and public are aware of all government taxes and rate


(ii) To ensure that all complaints are resolved within 72 hours; and where the complaint cannot be resolved within the 72 hours, the complainant must be notified of the efforts made to resolve the complaints.


(iii) To blocked loopholes for diversion of government revenue.





























(i)To remove illegal levies collectors on the borderlines of the State.

(ii) Harmonize certification standards making it easier for exporters to comply with multiple requirements















To subsumed business-related local government charges/fees into a consolidated demand notice.

(ii) To ensure quick settlement of dispute and judgement delivered within 60 days















To established at least (2) Small Claim Court in the State in year 2023

(ii) To maintain speedy and accelerated hearing  



* The State government

* The Organized Private Sector



















– The State government

* The Organized Private Sector

* The Chambers of Commerce


















The State Government

-The citizenry

– Business owners








































The State Government

– Exporters

– Business owner



















The State Government

– Citizenry

– Business owner/MSME


















Medium and Small Scale Industrialist




Ondo State Development and Investment Promotion Agency (ONDIPA)


















Ondo State Development and Investment Promotion Agency (ONDIPA)


















Ondo State Internal Revenue Services









































Ministry of Commerce, industry and cooperative services



















Ondo State Internal Revenue Services

Ondo State Judiciary


Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives

 * Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Units (PPIMU)

*Ministry of Finance

*Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget.

* Ministry of Justice










Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives

 * Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Units (PPIMU)

*Ministry of Finance

*Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget.

* Ministry of Justice








* Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperative Services

* Ministry of Environment

* Ministry of Transport

* Ondo State Signage and Advertisement Agency

* Ministry of Lands

*Ministry of Finance

*Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget  




























State Security Network (Amotekun)

Office of the Surveyor General


*Ministry of Finance

*Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget











*Ministry of Finance

*Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget

Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.













Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget











Chambers of Commerce



















DAWN Commision

Chambers of Commerce

Ondo State Association of Investors
















Trade Association


Financial Institution







































Chamber of Commerce

Ondo State Exporters Cluster



















Chamber of Commerce
























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20th Jun, 2024



15th July,2024




10th Sept, 2024








The Chairman,
Ondo State Business Enabling Reform Action Plan (ODBERAP)
29th December 2023

Published: 8 P.M, 29th December, 2023