To be a state where Transparency, Accountability and Equity are driving forces [hallmark)] of Governmental Actions

Social Development

To be a state where every citizen has access to all social amenities on equitable basis in order to achieve self-worth and human dignity in a secured environment

Regional Development

To provide effective and efficient basic social and physical infrastructure that would support economic development in a sustainability manner

Economic Development

To diversify the state's economy by harnessing various resources (both Natural and Human) for socio-economic well-being of the citizenry

Facts and Figures

Ondo State is a foremost State in south-western Nigeria. Ondo State has a fairly large population of close to 4 million people signifying its potential for high productivity of both human and material resources.

Our Strength

Ondo State is a land of immense possibilities. We have been referred to as Nigeria'a 21st-Century investment haven because of our abundant quality human and natural resources

Comparative Advantage of Ondo State

Ondo State has comparative advantage with respect to some value chains due to the state's natural resources endowments. The strength of the Ondo State's economy going into the future lies in its agricultural potential and its mineral endowments.

Ongoing Projects

The Ondo State Government's continuous work towards the development and improvement of the state's economy, infrastructure and social development is backed up with several ongoing project.