Dr Abiola Oshodi To Give Free Eye Tests, Glasses in Owo, Ose

A Canada-based medical expert, Dr. Abiola Oshodi, in partnership with an Eye Vision Initiative, has concluded plans to hold a medical fiesta in Owo-Ose federal constituency in Ondo State.

The free medical treatment would cover eye tests, medical prescription, free lenses and frames for residents of both Ose and Owo local government areas of the state.

Dr. Oshodi, who is aspiring for the Owo-Ose federal constituency seat at the House of Representatives, has for over the years assisting the people of the state, particularly those resident in Owo kingdoms and Ose through various capacity building programmes.

He disclosed that the medical fiesta was arranged with a company based in the United States of America (USA).

According to the psychiatry specialist, his meeting with the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of PSYNC GROUP Technology & Infrastructure Company, Missouri, USA, Chief(Dr.) Fola Olishile made the free medical fiesta possible.

He said Chief Olisile sealed the deal to assist his philanthropic programme in Nigeria, saying all the medical materials had been packaged and were being shipped to Nigeria.

A team of eye specialists have been arranged to handle the tests, prescriptions and distribution of lenses and frames.

Offices of Dr. Oshodi’s campaign group, otherwise known as Irewolede Campaign Group, in Owo and Ifon in Ose Local Government Area would be used as centres for the medical fiesta.

Dr. Oshodi has promised to make known the dates the programme would hold.

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