Ondo State is located in the Southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria and bounded in the North by Ekiti and Kogi States, in the East by Edo State, in the west by Osun and Ogun states and in the south by the Atlantic Ocean. Ondo State is located entirely within the tropics.

Ondo State is richly blessed with varied and favourable ecological and climatic conditions with vegetation ranging from mangrove swamps to the southern coastal riverine areas through the rainforest of the mid-lands to the derived savannah in the northern part of the state. The southern zone supports fishing activities and the production of tree crops such as cocoa, rubber, oil - palm, cashew and forest trees like teak, gmeligna and indigenous tree species.

The tropical climate of the state is broadly of two seasons: rainy season (April-October) and dry season (November – March). The temperature throughout the year ranges between 21oC to 29oC and humidity is relatively high. The annual rainfall varies from 2,000mm in the southern areas to 1,150mm in the northern areas. The State enjoys luxuriant vegetation with high forest zone (rain forest) in the south and sub-savannah forest in the northern fringe.

There is a maze of numerous rivers, creeks and lakes in and around Ondo State with very prominent rivers like Owena, Ala, Oluwa, Oni, Awara, Ogbese and Ose. Generally, the land rises from the coastal part of Ilaje, Ese-Odo and Okitipupa areas to highlands and steeps down at the Northern parts of the state.